Meeting Room Configurations

FlatFrog Board for Rooms can be configured in several different ways. Use the table below to see which configuration is best suitable for your meeting room. Follow the links to learn more about each option.


Meeting Room Configurations Pros Cons

1. FlatFrog Board as a Companion Whiteboard for Zoom and Teams

  • Flexible setup that works with most existing meeting room configurations.
  • Always-on companion Digital Whiteboard for interactive ad-hoc ideation, brainstorming, Kanban, project management, and more.
  • Real time whiteboarding content is shared directly with other whiteboard participants, or is screen shared to a Teams or Zoom session running on the non-interactive display.
  • Requires dual displays
2.Bring Your Own Video Conference (BYO-VC)
  • Miracast screenshare built-in
  • No extra subscription is needed for Room Video conference accounts like Zoom Rooms, Team Rooms
  • No extra launcher software needed
  • Need to use personal laptop for video conference
3. Room PC with All-in-One Video Bar
  • Best FlatFrog Board experience
  • Dedicated video conference account for meeting room via Zoom or Teams Room
  • Video bar solution required
4. Room PC with App Launcher
  • Dedicated meeting room video conference account
  • Integration with Outlook
  • Good for large rooms
  • Additional launcher software required
  • OS365 meeting room account needed
5. Room PC without App Launcher
  • Avoid cost of launcher while still have dedicated meeting room video conference 
  • Lack launcher interface
6. Custom Configuration