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Single versus Dual Display Considerations for InGlass Displays

Before you start the installation, consider several items to ensure best usage for your team.

  1. Determine location of your workspace or meeting room
  2. Then determine whether you want a dual screen or single screen set-up
  3. Dual display: ideal for larger rooms that already have a TV; add an extra InGlass display for whiteboarding and use your TV for video conferencing. Dual Displays Companion Whiteboard Solution (existing TV + add InGlass display)
  4. Single display: Ideal for smaller rooms and huddle rooms but can also be applied to larger rooms if needed. The single display is available for whiteboarding and video conference is provided by screen sharing your Zoom or Teams call with the whiteboard (BYOM). Single Display Bring Your Own Meeting Solution (InGlass display + laptop)

Dual Display Companion Whiteboard Solution; Ideal for Medium, Large Meeting Rooms and Board Rooms


  • For larger rooms that have an existing TV, add an Inglass display (55-86") depending on room size and participants to have always-on digital companion whiteboard.
  • Add an Inglass display at 90 degree angle with TV for best viewing.
  • Whiteboarding content is shared directly with other whiteboard participants.
  • See how to set up.

Single Display Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) Solution; Ideal for Smaller Rooms and Huddle Rooms


  • For smaller rooms install a 55 or 65" InGlass display with a mini PC running Flatfrog Board for Rooms.
  • Add your choice of wired or wireless screen-sharing integration with FlatFrog Board.
  • No need for Zoom or Team Rooms subscription; Just use the Video conference on your laptop and connect to FlatFrog Board 
  • See how to set up.