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How to Use Screen Sharing?

How to use FlatFrog Board for Rooms while screen sharing Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or any other content from your laptop.



Follow this link on how to set up screen sharing in FlatFrog Board for Rooms

  1. Screen shared content appears in a blue-green bordered window.
    1. From the Home Screen it appears in a box in the top-center
    2. From the Canvas the box will appear when connected
  2. The screen sharing window can be moved and scaled in the same way as Sticky Note and Images with your fingers
  3. Tapping on the screen sharing window will bring up the Menu.
    1. Screenshot - captures what is currently displayed in the window and copies it as an image that can be annotated on
    2. Full screen - the screen sharing window takes up the entire canvas
    3. Minimize - docks the screen sharing window into the toolbar
  4. Writing on the screen sharing window will display as CometInk, a dynamic markup tool for highlighting content that disappears after a short amount of time. 
  5. Remote users can share their content via their video conferencing application which can be screen shot by FlatFrog Rooms for annotation

Content from the laptop can not be controlled from the screen sharing window