Room PC with App Launcher

Run FlatFrog Board for Rooms and a Video Conference (VC) provider of your choice through an app launcher like QuickLaunch. Use Quicklaunch interface to switch between FlatFrog Board for Rooms and VC app.


Room PC with VC host and FlatFrog Board for Rooms running with launcher like Quicklaunch

  • Video conference service is set up as a meeting room account on Room PC (e.g. Teams or Zoom)
  • Install FlatFrog Board for Rooms application on Room PC
  • Connect AV peripherals (Cameras/Mic/Speakers) to Room PC
  • Quicklaunch (application launcher)
  • Screen sharing (wired or wireless)
  • Install Outlook (as room booking system)
  FlatFrog Board for Rooms Video Conference

Install on Room PC*

Download FlatFrog Board for Rooms Pro Bundle, Pro, or Business here

Launch FlatFrog Board for Rooms in Quicklaunch

Select Teams, Zoom, or a Video Conference  of your choice in Quicklaunch

See System Requirements

Using Teams, Zoom, VC of your choice with FlatFrog Board

  1. Start FlatFrog Board for Rooms using the App Launcher.
  2. Start the Video Conference software of your choice using the App Launcher.
  3. Invite remote participants to join from their laptop - There are 3 ways for remote participants to take part in the FlatFrog Board Whiteboarding session:
    1. From the room display: Direct other participants to Provide participants with the six-digit Board Code shown in the top right corner of the interactive display. This will allow them to work on the Board from our web app. 
    2. From your laptop: Join the FlatFrog Board session on your laptop using Then share the invitation link with the rest of the meeting participants via the VC chat or email. 



    c. Use the VC software to screen share FlatFrog Board from the Room PC. 
    Participants won't be able to actively work on the Board but they will be able to view. 

    Other Meeting Room Configurations