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How to Change Interaction Mode?

FlatFrog Board for Rooms is optimized for touch and pen, but can also support an only pen mode or mouse mode

Interaction Mode

  1. Open the Menu and navigate down to 'Settings'
  2. From Settings, click on 'Interaction Mode'
  3. The Interaction Mode window will appear. Select the mode you would like to choose and select 'Apply Changes'

Touch and Pen Mode

This is the preferred and default mode when using an InGlass™ display.

  • Draw with your pen
  • Erase with your finger
  • If the Finger Paint toggle is on you can also use your finger to ink
Touch Mode

Pen Mode

This is mode is best used when you only want to use pens with FlatFrog Board for Rooms and prevent multiple people touching the same surface with their hands during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Draw with the thin tip of the pen
  • Erase and select with with the thick tip of the pen
  • If your pen only has one tip, turn on the Draw/Select toggle 
Pen Mode

Mouse Mode

This mode is best used if you are using the application on a laptop and would like to work using a mouse and keyboard.

  • Use the Pen tool to ink with a mouse
  • Select the Erase tool to erase with your mouse
  • Sticky notes will default to keyboard input
Mouse mode 2