How to Add and Edit Text?

From the Toolbar

  • Select the Text tool from the toolbar to open the Text editor window.
  • Type in the Content box to see how your text will appear in the Preview box below.
  • You can also change the color, background, outline, and alignment.
  • You can add it directly to the Board with 'Add to Board' or add it in your Drafts for later with 'Save for later.'


You can edit Text on the Board by double-clicking on it.

From My Drafts

  • Select 'My Drafts' from the toolbar.
  • Select 'Text' from the green '+' button to bring up the text editor.
  • Here you can create text in quick succession.
  • You can add specific text items to the Board when you are ready or send them all at once by clicking 'Select All' and 'Add to Board.'