The USB Cable Is Connected, but the Touch Is Not Working. How to Debug?

The debug instructions are described in the article.

  • Did you remove the protective films? In some cases, they reduce the signal enough to prevent touches.
  • Make sure all cables are connected properly.
  • Check if windows detected the Touch Module. On windows 8, this can be done by right-clicking on “This PC”, and looking under the “System” category. It can also be controlled by looking in the device manager to see if the device is present there. If it is not properly detected, it is most likely a hardware issue (bad connection etc.)
  • If it is properly detected but still does not work, it may be a special Windows 8 issue observed on laptops – where Windows blocks the touch device since it cannot find a suitable screen for the touch device. This behavior can be confirmed by looking in the event viewer, check windows logs -> system and look for “Error: Touch driver blocked due to failed logo requirements”. The error message is not correct, but points to this issue. The workaround is to connect an external screen to your laptop and unplug and plug in the Touch Module. If issues cannot be solved, please contact FlatFrog support for further guidance.