How to Configure FlatFrog Board for Rooms With Intel Unite?

To use FlatFrog Board for Rooms in the meeting room together with Intel Unite together with an interactive display, it is recommended that you install the FlatFrog Rooms application locally on the computer that is connected to the display.

How to download and install Intel Unite 4.x and FlatFrog Board for Rooms

  1. Make sure you have Intel Unite 4.x installed on the "host" computer.
  2. If need instructions on how to install Intel Unite 4.x, please check this the link to the Intel Unite support page.
  3. Register and download FlatFrog Rooms from here on the "host" computer.

How to setup Intel Unite 4.x 

Make sure you have installed Intel Unite on the host computer. (Download Intel Unite host application)

Make sure you are on the host computer that is intended to be used as hub. 

You could also be on another computer, but then you need to copy the URL and open it on the host computer.

  1. Go to the Intel Unite login page and click the sign in button at the top.
  2. Enter your username and password or create a new account and then go to the Intel Unite Cloud Admin page and click on "My Company".
  3. Now, click on the Device Management tab.
  4. Now click on the Provision Device
    1. If you are on the host computer, this link will provision the host computer and it will be ready for Intel Unite. 
    2. If you are on another computer you need to copy the url and open it in a browser on the host computer.

How to install the FlatFrog Board plugin for Intel Unite 4.x 

  1. Fill in the form on the FlatFrog website and download the Intel Unite plugin
  2. Go to the Intel Unite admin page again and click on Device Management tab again
  3. Now click on Upload package button
  4. Then select the FlatFrog  4.x Intel Unite Plugin named
  5. Now the plugin is uploaded to the Intel Unite Cloud and you will need to Approve the plugin.
  6. Now click on the Hub Features/Apps: 4 tab
  7. This will now show that the FlatFrog Plugin is enabled on the host computer (Hub).
  8. When you start Intel Unite on the Host computer, the FlatFrog Logo icon will appear in the "hub" app launcher. You can tap and click this to launch FlatFrog Board.