FlatFrog Rooms Release Notes

Current Release Notes

Release 2.1.2101 - July 17th, 2020

Changes to Existing Features

  • Invite to Board dialog updated - The 'Want to Join Board?' dialog has been changed to 'Invite to Board' with updated text and graphics.
  • Join Board dialog updated - The 'Join Board' dialog has been updated to be cleaner.
  • Home Button replaced - The Home button has been replaced with a new icon and renamed to be Close Board in the Menu and Canvas
  • Tutorial updated - The first page of the tutorial now has a footnote regarding InGlass display optimization and instructions to change to Mouse Mode
  • Custom Templates - There are now instructions on how to access the Knowledge Base and create custom templates shown when viewing an empty Custom Templates window
  • Host Category Label - The Host is now a category shown in the Participants List

Previous Release Notes

Release 2.1.1102 - July 8th, 2020

  • Resolved issue where application would freeze at startup

Release 2.1.1101 - July 6th, 2020

Changes to Existing Features

  • Compatibility with Web app - Sessions opened and saved in this version of the app won't be possible to open in older versions of the application
  • Offline licenses - New way of handling offline licenses and they are now available for our Pro Bundle users as well
  • New Tutorial - New and enhanced tutorial design. Open the tutorial and become a real expert in using FlatFrog Board
  • FlatFrog Board as default email provider - For all new users FlatFrog Board is set as default email provider. Users can always change their email configuration in settings

New and Enhanced Features

  • Interaction Mode - Users can now choose between three different interaction modes, Touch and Pen Mode, Pen Mode and Mouse Mode. Found in Settings menu
  • Save as PDF - Users can now save board as PDF. From menu option Save As choose "PDF document" in drop down menu.
  • Web App link Displayed - The web app is shown underneath the Board code so that users in the room can quickly join

Resolved Issues

  • Join Board Animation - When joining the board from the FlatFrog Board application, a loading animation will be shown
  • Page Order Saving - Changes made to page order will be safely saved

Release 2.0.4103 - June 16th, 2020

  • Fixed error regarding access to custom templates
  • Sentry integration for improved error handling

Release 2.0.4101 - May 14th, 2020

New and Enhanced Features

  • AutoSave - FlatFrog Board will automatically save all new changes made in Opened files and after saving a New Board for the first time. AutoSave will default to being turned on and can be disabled with the toggle next to the file name.

Resolved Issues

  • Improved Loading Times - Shorter loading times when opening large .ffb files
  • Remote Collaboration - bugs surrounding the Board Code and messages when leaving a session have been resolved

Release 2.0.3101 - May 11th, 2020

  • License credentials - Users with version 1.5 won't be asked to reenter their license code when upgrading to version 2.0
  • Opening files - resolved issues with opening old .ffwb files
  • FlatFrog Board Installer has been updated

Release 2.0.2101 - April 23rd, 2020

  • FlatFrog Board no longer locked to InGlass - Users without InGlass displays will be able to write in FlatFrog Board without any restrictions
  • FlatFrog Board Installer has been updated
  • FlatFrog Board can be opened without internet

Release 2.0.1101 - April 9th, 2020

  • Home screen - Welcome screen and menu bar in the canvas has been updated. 
  • Welcome screen differentiation for users with Pro and Business license plans.
  • Clock in welcome screen and canvas. 
  • Remote Collaboration - Full remote functionality is available board 2 board.
    Laptop users and mobile users can contribute via a web application.
  • Remote collaboration security - Remote collaboration is done with end-to-end encryption and no content is saved on the servers.
  • File formatting  *.ffb - The new file format enables faster loading times. Application will continue to support ffwb files.
  • New Windows installer - Improved installer for Windows app that enables sideloading and has descriptive error messages for better issue solving. 
  • Windows app Menu changes - Option "Export" and "Exit to desktop" are removed. Menu option to import pages from file has been removed for .ffwb files but it is enabled for all .ffb files. Menu option Close is changed to Home and new Home button on canvas has been introduced.
  • New default images - Previous FlatFrog image has been replaced with four new images.
  • Drag objects to the trash can - Delete papers (sticky notes, images and stickers)
    by dragging them to the trash can. Delete faster by stacking papers and move them together to the trash can.
  • Windows version FlatFrog Board - Requires Windows 10 version 1809 or later and
    is 64 bit only.