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Device Settings

In Device Settings you can change the name of your device, add notes, and apply individual settings

You can access the Device Settings by going to Devices in the Admin Portal. Here you can change your device's name and add comments or notes in the text fields. In order for the settings you have applied to take place you will have to restart the application.


Individual Settings

There are three categories under Individual Settings that can be edited: Features, Permissions, and Menu Visibility.

  • Features contains items like the ability to use the Finger Paint toggle and Screen Share.
  • Permissions contains items like the ability to access media on the computer or email content made in FlatFrog Board for Rooms.
  • Menu Visibility allows you to edit what is shown in the application menu.

Don't forget to save your settings once you've changed them. You can always return to the default settings by clicking 'Reset.'

Individual Settings override Global Settings