What is new in FlatFrog Board?

FlatFrog Board now has an updated look with some refreshing new features. Read on to learn more.

Note: This article contains content about cloud.flatfrog.com that's not yet available on app.flatfrog.com

Currently, cloud.flatfrog.com does not connect to FlatFrog Board for Rooms. We are promptly addressing this issue to facilitate using our products on touch displays in your meeting rooms.

Cloud Storage

FlatFrog Board now uses personal accounts to enable saving and storing your work online. Rest assured that your work is accessible only to yourself and those with whom you choose to share.


Using the Dashboard, you are now able to find all your work and create new Boards. You can even upload your existing work. Learn more here.

New Features

To quickly begin working, start a new board from one of our templates. Have an existing image you’d like to use as a template? Feel free to set that as the page background. You can now lock objects in place. It’s still possible to edit them, but they will remain where you placed them.