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Overview for FlatFrog Board for Rooms Hardware and Software Set-up

Overview on configuration of FlatFrog Board for Rooms hardware and software

The following steps are recommended for you to set up FlatFrog Board for Rooms:

A. Meeting Room Configuration and Preparation

    1. Determine the meeting space or meeting room space available for the team
    2. Determine how you want to configure meeting room:
      • Choose configuration: Dual display (TV+Inglass) or Single display (Inglass)
      • Choose screen size 55-86” as per your meeting room needs
      • Mounting: Wall mount vs. TV Stand
      • Check room readiness for furniture, power, network and conduit cabling


B. Hardware Set-up

1. Basic Set-up:  You will need a) Inglass display b) Mini-PC with Win10 c) Cables HDMI/USB2.0 d) FlatFrog Board for Rooms Software and install per instructions.

a. Procure mini-PC (see room PC system requirements) that will be connected to the Inglass display and needed for FlatFrog Board for Rooms Software installation

2. For Advanced Set-up: Add Wired or Wireless screen sharing capability to the whiteboard to allow for user laptop connection.

a. Attach wired or wireless hardware as per separate instructions.


C.  Software Set-up

1. Set up PC Room account as per your IT policy

2. Connect to your wired/wireless network

3. Download and install FlatFrog Board for Rooms

4. (Optional) Set up PC in Kiosk mode


D. Assemble

    1. Connect PC to Inglass display using HDMI/Display Port and USB 2.0 cable as per manufacturer’s instructions

    2. Advanced-setup: Connect wired/wireless screen share device to PC 

E. Start Hybrid whiteboarding

    1. Turn on all devices and launch Whiteboard application
    2. Connect with your remote colleagues and start getting your team aligned!