[Resolved] No Inking or Pen/Finger Differentiation

Instructions on how to resolve the Microsoft Windows 10 update 20H1/version 2004 bug affecting FlatFrog enabled displays.

The Microsoft bug, described below, has been resolved in the latest fixes:

  • Microsoft fix KB5000802  ​
    • Works on both Windows version 2004 and 20H2​.
    • Automatically updated in Windows update or can be found on Microsoft Update catalog.

If the above fix is not available, update with the following fix:

  • Microsoft fix KB4601382 ​
    • Works on both Windows version 2004 and 20H2​.
    • An optional update in Windows update or can be found on Microsoft Update catalog​.

Both fixes are not needed to resolve the issue.


          • Microsoft released a Windows 10 update in May 2020 called 20H1/version 2004​.

          • In this version, FlatFrog has detected and reported a Microsoft bug in the USB HID drivers affecting FlatFrog enabled displays (and others)​.

          • The bug is acknowledged by Microsoft and a resolution/patch is in the works.

          • FlatFrog will keep you updated when the bug is resolved by Microsoft.

          • Please see below containment steps to prevent the issue from happening.


          • FlatFrog Touch kit starts acting as a mouse pointer; usually a mouse pointer becomes visible​.

          • No multi-touch or pen/finger differentiation available​.

          • Possibly no ink in drawing applications (due to behaving as a mouse pointer)​.

          Steps to Reproduce Issue

          • Issue is triggered when the Windows computer wakes up from sleep mode​.

          Containment Steps

          • Do not upgrade to Windows 10 20H1/version 2004​.
          • If you have Windows 10 20H1/version 2004 and are experiencing the bug​:
            •  To prevent triggering the bug, FlatFrog recommends disabling sleep mode on the Windows computer for now to not trigger the bug.​
          • If the computer awaken from sleep mode and is experiencing the bug:​
            • Unplugging and re-connecting the USB touch cable may temporarily solve the issue​.
          • If that doesn’t work, restart computer to temporarily solve the issue. 

          If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.