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How Do I Invite Participants to My Board or Join Another Board?

Learn more on how to invite or join a whiteboard session.

How to Invite Participants to Your Board

1. In the top right corner, click on the blue 'Invite' button and the Collaboration side menu will appear.

You can have up to 20 participants in a Remote Collaboration Session.

2. You can Invite in the following ways:
  • Copy Link with the people you would like to invite
  • Copy Code to share just the Board Code

See how to Invite and Join from the meeting room on FlatFrog Board for Rooms here.

How to Join a Board

When you receive a Board Link to Join a Board from a teammate, that Board will appear under Recent Boards in your Dashboard. If you need to find it later, it can be found under My Board > Shared with me.

If you receive a Board Code from a teammate, you can join the Board by entering the code in this field on top of the Dashboard.