How to Manage Pages?

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Grid View

View all pages by clicking on the Grid View. Here you can change, add, delete, and reorder pages.

Deleting and Rearranging Pages can only be done in Grid View.

The page you are on will be shown in green, the page the host is on will be shown in blue.

  1. Add pages in Grid View by simply clicking the 'Add Page' box.  Adding pages can also be done in Page View.
  2. Change pages by selecting another page. The page highlighted with a green border is your current page. Changing pages can also be done in Page View.
  3. Delete pages by clicking the drop down menu by the page number and select 'Delete.'
  4. Rearrange pages by selecting, hold and dragging the page to your desired order.

Page View

Change pages by using the up and down arrows to go to the previous or next page.

Add a new page to your board by clicking on the '+' button. The new page will be added to the end of the list.

When you are on a different page than the host, you can use the Follow Presenter button to immediately go back to them

When you follow the presenter, if they change pages, you will change pages with them.