How to Add and Edit Sticky Notes?

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From the Toolbar

  • Select 'New Sticky Note' from the toolbar.
  • The Sticky Note editor will appear. Add your text and customize the size and color.
  • 'Add to Board' will add the sticky note to the Board. You can also choose to 'Save for later' to add it to 'My Drafts. 
  • Toggle the Signature on and off to display your name on the Sticky Note.

You can edit sticky notes from the Board by double clicking on it.

From My Drafts

  • Select 'My Drafts' from the toolbar.
  • Select 'Sticky Note' from the green '+' button to bring up the sticky note editor.
  • Use the keyboard shortcut when the Sticky Note editor window is open Ctrl+Enter to rapidly save a sticky note and being another.
  • You can add specific sticky notes to the Board when you are ready or send them all at once by clicking 'Select All' and 'Add to Board.'