How do I Use My Dashboard?


When signing in, your Dashboard appears. You’ll have quick access to a Blank Board as well as to our suggested Templates. You can find more templates under 'More Templates.' Recently used Boards reside under the Recent Boards section of your Dashboard. Click on My Boards to find more of your prior Board creations.

My Boards

As you begin to work, your saved Boards will appear in My Boards. Access them from the top navigation or by using the top right of the Recent Boards section. This is where to upload your currently existing FlatFrog Board (.ffb) files for easy access or to share with colleagues. Expand the menu to find more options to duplicate, rename, or delete your Board.

Change the view from 'Only my Boards' to 'Shared with me' to get a list of all the Boards that you colleagues have shared with you. Boards shared with you will have an icon by its name that will show the owner's name when hovered over. You can also see all Boards you have made or have been shared with with you under 'All Boards.'