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Basic Hardware Set-up: How to set-up your InGlass™ Display for FlatFrog Board for Rooms?

This is a basic set-up to get started with Inglass touch display. Advanced set-up includes adding wired/wireless screen sharing capabilities to the whiteboard. FlatFrog Board for Rooms software is installed seperately.

The basic set-up to get your Inglass display equipped with digital FlatFrog Board for Rooms is outlined below. 

  • Inglass display
  • Recommended Mini-PC (see recommended computers here)
  • Video cable (HDMI 2.0 or Display Port 1.4 Certified)
  • USB cable (for touch)
  • Learn to optimize your InGlass™ display settings here
  • For more advanced set-up you can add screen-sharing wired or wireless to connect your personal laptop to the whiteboard. See separate instructions for setting this up
  • See separate instructions for downloading and installing FlatFrog Board for Rooms software.



Instructions on how to set up a Dell Interactive Monitor can be found here.

Learn how to optimize your InGlass™ display settings here.