FlatFrog Board Air Gap Solution for The Meeting Room

The FlatFrog Board Air Gap solution provides high security organizations like banks and government agencies a high-performance collaborative whiteboard. The whiteboard empowers teams to be more productive, while keeping your data secured.

What is air gap networking?

Air gapped devices or networks are physically isolated from unsecured networks, such as the public Internet or an unsecured local area network (LAN).  Data can only be shared to and from the machine via a USB flash drive or other external, removable media. The concept represents nearly maximum protection when it comes to guarding sensitive data.

Who is using air gap?

Air gap is ideal for high security environments such as military networks and payment networks that handles sensitive information. Here are examples of systems that might be air gapped:

  • Aviation
  • Banks & financial
  • Government
  • Industrial control systems
  • Life-critical systems
  • Medical equipment
  • Military
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Utilities

Why FlatFrog Board?

There are many whiteboard solutions on the market, but very few offer a fully air-gapped solution that offers a high-performance and easy to use experience. FlatFrog Board Air Gap Solution provides teams best-in-class digital whiteboarding on a computer or network without requiring internet access.

  • Offline Whiteboard - Organization can empower their teams to collaborate naturally with a pen-on-paper whiteboarding experience on an InGlass™ monitor, while maintaining sensitive data safe.
  • Offline Install - FlatFrog Board is available through an offline install, keeping your network safe from the internet. License is embedded into the application and does not communicate with any backend.
  • Configurable Settings - Options like File Sharing and Email are disabled by default but can be customized to your organization safety requirements.  

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How to buy?

Email us at board@flatfrog.com.

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